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A GTK+3/GTK+4 theme, based on Adwaita technology and style from my site.

Changes, what included:

  • Recolor accent to my favourite color;
  • Tweaks for titlebar/headerbar;
  • Tweaks for buttons;
  • Toolbar/notebook tweaks.

Known bugs

  1. Some accents not recolored (because some backgrounds/borders colored with rgba(xx, xx, xx, xx), this different search);
  2. Little bugs in GTK+4 theme with headerbar/titlebar;
  3. In Cinnamon - very litle titlebar;
  4. What i don't see.

How to instal

Extract archive with theme to ~/themes/Modern.

Color schemes for Qt5Ct/Qt6Ct install to: * Qt5: ~/.config/qt5ct/colors * Qt6: ~/.config/qt6ct/colors

Color schemes for KDE Plasma install to: * ~/.local/share/color-schemes

Third-party code

  • ~~Original Adwaita themes from libgtk (GTK+3, GTK+2) and libadwaita (GTK+4), what exported with widget factories of this toolkits.~~
  • Some code i picked from our works - Clearlooks Phenix Plume and based on this theme my forks.
  • Fully rebased on Adw-Mod by hrdwrrsk


GTK+3 gtk3

GTK+4 gtk4


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